What can we do?

Hyperion Vision is a platform dedicated to the crypto-market analysis, trading, and portfolio tracking. The platform contains a large amount of data coming from multiple sources, trading algorithms, and advanced portfolio management as well as investment optimization tools.

  • Dashboard & Screener
  • Buy & Sell Signals
  • Market Analysis
  • Patterns Detection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Market Sentiment
  • On-Chain Data
  • Trading Strategies

45 +

Technical Indicators

280 +

Analyzed Cryptocurrencies

110 +

Trading Strategies


Scoring Methods

Hyperion Vision Dashboard

Hyperion's dashboard allows you to quickly see the state of the market on many cryptoassets. Composed of plenty of indicators and strategies, it can give you buy or sell signals on your favorite cryptos.

  • An Overview of the Market
  • Multiple detailed Screeners
  • Customizable as you Want
  • Many integrated Indicators
  • Relevant configurable Alerts
  • Clear buy and sell Signals
  • Our unique Scoring Methods

Patterns Detection

Our system can identify many patterns on the market curves, in order to try to predict the continuation of the movement.

  • Support, Resistance, and Trend Lines Pullback and Breakout
  • Upward or Downward Trend Identification
  • Accumulation Range
  • Moving Averages or Ichimoku Crossing Signals
  • Fibonacci Retracement and Extension Levels
  • Trend Reversal (Double Bottom/Top,...)
  • Chartism Pattern Breakout (Triangle, Wedge, Flag,...)
  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition

On-chain Market Analysis

With the transparency of the data circulating on Blockchains, it is possible to track all the movements of funds, and thus to analyze in a very advanced way the health of the market.

  • Address Growth and Activity
  • Address Balances and Profit&Loss
  • Holders Activity and Metrics
  • Miners Activity and Metrics
  • Exchange Activity
  • Whales, Institutions, and OTC
  • Advanced Price Metrics
  • Network Security
Hyperion On-chain

Market Sentiment

This very psychological market always reacts quickly, and often in a disproportionate way. It is therefore important to be able to monitor the emotional state of cryptocurrency holders.

  • Fear and Greed
  • Social Dominance
  • Funding Rates
  • Google Trends
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Open Interest

Advanced Metrics

Go even further, and gain access to lesser-known data. These charts and indicators will make you stand out. You will find everything here, especially a lot of relevant information.

  • Mathematical Models
  • Liquidations
  • Institutional Movements
  • Cyclical Indicators
  • Development Activity
  • Hyperion Indexes

Portfolio Management

With our application you will be able to closely monitor your wallets, and have a full review of your profits. Our system will also be able to indicate you investment solutions according to your owned assets, through different mechanisms.

  • Centralized and Decentralized Portfolio Monitoring
  • NFT Compatibility
  • Swap your Cryptocurrencies
  • Indication of Passive Investments
  • Many Statistics (P&L Display, Performance Timeline...)
  • Integration with the Screener
  • Secure APIs only, no Login, no Password

Our Scoring Methods

We have created different types of scores, which give a clear and quick idea of ​​the state of the market in its various aspects.

Trust Score
On-Chain Score
Psychological Score
Fondamental Score

All of our buy or sell signals are accompanied by a trust score.

This is obtained via an internal correlation mechanism of several indicators and data.

It helps you in your decision and brings additional value to our market signals.

We correlate several On-chain indicators in order to obtain an overall score for the entire crypto market.

This score retransmits the underlying health of the leaders of the ecosystem.

The value of this indicator will therefore be the same for all cryptoassets.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely tied to human psychology. Our score will give an indication of this state in order to better anticipate future price movements.

If the bulk of the market is in fear, this can provide a good entry point, contrary to when the market is in high euphoria.

This score is global to the entire crypto market.

We have developed a calculation method in order to bring a fundamental score to the crypto projects that are behind the cryptocurrency.

This score is based on many project parameters (team, community, technology, innovation, sector, partners, news, …).

The score is updated regularly, and is only available for certain cryptocurrencies.

Our Bot: Be always on the right track

Our Trading Bot allows you to enter and exit your trades automatically, following a large choice of well-defined and backtested strategies.

Large choice of Strategies

Trade efficiently with many strategies ready to use and embedded in our system. New ones are included regularly.

Automatic or Manual Triggering

Choose to trust the Bot in order to trade automatically according to your selected strategies, or validate its actions by being notified before any operations.

Easy to Use

A simple and self-explanatory user interface, so anyone can use it with confidence, while harnessing its full power.

Many Options

Explore the many options available to you. They allow the execution of the Bot to be adapted to any type of trader profile.

Relevant Statistics

We will make sure to offer you plenty of relevant statistics that can help you in your choices, and better understand the market.

Hyperion Vision Token

Our token allows you to automatically access the different levels of Hypersion Vision services and to use our future trading bot.

  • Limited supply to 75 million tokens
  • Cross-chain on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
  • Hold to automatically gain access to Hyperion's Services
  • Future opportunities in passive income and NFT

Pricing: Choose your plan

There are two solutions to benefit from our services. The first one is simply to have a certain number of our Tokens in your decentralized wallet, depending witch Tier you want to benefit from and to connect it to our application. We currently support the MetaMask wallet, more will be added later.
The second is to take out one of our monthly subscriptions directly.

Tier 0 is free and accessible to everyone, it contains the main Dashboard with many integrated indicators and buy & sell signals, and some other features. See pricing details.

Tier 0


You don't need Tokens

  • Buy and Sell Signals
  • Integrated Indicators
  • 4 Timeframes
  • No Scoring Methods
  • No Detections System
  • 14 On-chain Data
  • 2 Sentiment Sections
  • 4 Advanced Metrics
  • No Portfolio Services

Tier 1

$9 / Month

Or hold 140+ Tokens

  • Customizable Screener
  • Configurable Alerts
  • 5 Timeframes (All)
  • 1 Scoring Method
  • 3 Detections System
  • 24 On-chain Data
  • 3 Sentiment Sections
  • 8 Advanced Metrics
  • 9 Portfolio Services

Tier 2

$29 / Month

Or hold 450+ Tokens

  • Indication of Passive Investments
  • Manual Portfolio Management
  • 5 Timeframes (All)
  • 2 Scoring Methods
  • 6 Detections System
  • 40 On-chain Data
  • 5 Sentiment Sections
  • 11 Advanced Metrics
  • 12 Portfolio Services (All)

Tier 3

$89 / Month

Or hold 1 400+ Tokens

  • Chartism Patterns Detection
  • Deeper Portfolio Tracking
  • 5 Timeframes (All)
  • 4 Scoring Methods (All)
  • 8 Detections System (All)
  • 67 On-chain Data
  • 7 Sentiment Sections
  • 17 Advanced Metrics (All)
  • 12 Portfolio Services (All)

Tier 4

Holders Only

Hold 10 000+ Tokens

  • Hyperion Indexes
  • All Trading Optimizations
  • 5 Timeframes (All)
  • 4 Scoring Methods (All)
  • 8 Detections System (All)
  • 82 On-chain Data (All)
  • 8 Sentiment Sections (All)
  • 23 Advanced Metrics (All)
  • 12 Portfolio Services (All)

See pricing details, to understand the full coverage of a subscription plan and see if the feature is available, in development, or planned.
Our token economy is made in such a way that if our tokens are held in an equitably shared manner, there can only be a maximum of 2 500 Tier 4 users.


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