About Us

Who is behind ?

Hyperion Vision is a market analysis, trading and advanced portfolio management platform, whose goal is to position itself among the leaders of data aggregation in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Its strategic development is ensured by the founders of the association Crypto Nation. The initial team is composed of 8 passionate, polyvalent and dynamic persons, some of which with more than 6 years of experience in the field of crypto, thus having a clear vision of the competition and its limits, as well as the challenges and the strategy to adopt.

The success and the sustainability of cryptoassets and blockchains will be achieved with the democratization of it, to a public that is aware of those new technologies.

This is why we are developing tools that propose quality services to the users, thus offering a trusted gateway to a world seeming inaccessible because of its complexity.

Our goal will always be to make the environment of blockchains and cryptocurrencies progress, while bringing new solutions to its users.

We value transparency, trust, accessibility and quality during our interactions and during the whole development process.

Hyperion Vision Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • Development and launch of the showcase website.
  • Development of algorithms and indicators.
  • Business plan development.

Q1 2022

  • Implementation of the IT infrastructure.
  • Core web application development.
  • Publication of the Whitepaper.
  • Marketing plan development.

Q2 2022

  • Private Sale.
  • Implementation of new indicators and advanced metrics.
  • Development of portfolio monitoring modules.
  • Detection system deployment.
Hyperion On-chain

Q3 2022

  •  Strategic Sale.
  •  On-chain data implementation.
  •  Market sentiment indicators integration.
  •  Hyperion indexes implementation.
  •  Launch of a closed beta.
Hyperion Index

Q4 2022

  •  Public Sales.
  •  Hyperion Vision token listing (HYVI).
  •  Trading strategies development.
  •  Algorithmic trading bot integration.

Q1 2023

  •  First public version of the platform. 
  •  Mobile app.

Hyperion Vision Team