Hyperion Vision FAQ

Do you improve the app continuously?

Minor and security updates are made continuously and integrated into the application after being validated by our team. The changelog will soon be available on our future System Health page.

Where and when to buy Hyperion Vision Tokens?

The token release is scheduled for Q4 2022. It will be available on centralized exchanges. An ICO will certainly be organized in Q3-Q4 2022. Follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing (https://twitter.com/HyperionVision).

I own Hyperion Vision Tokens. How to benefit from the services?

You just need to have the tokens in your decentralized wallet (MetaMask for the moment), and to connect it to our application. You will automatically access the Tier relating to the number of tokens you hold.

Can I benefit from the services without having tokens?

Of course, in this case it will be necessary to go through our monthly or annual subscriptions, available in traditional currency. Cryptocurrency payments will be available soon. In addition, some features will be available for free.

Will there be a referral system?

A referral system will be available at the launch of Hyperion Vision and certainly during the ICO.

Can the number of tokens required for the different "Tier" change?

The quantities of tokens are not intended to change but if the token price moves strongly, then it is possible that we will make some adjustments. This will be done via a community vote beforehand and there will be no demotion for users who already benefit from certain Hyperion Vision services.

I need help using the app, what should I do?

A helpdesk is integrated directly into the application, making it possible to contact our support and to have an efficient follow-up.

Is there another interest in owning tokens apart from the Hyperion Vision application?

Of course. Like most cryptocurrencies, there is first of all a speculative interest. But on top of that, our token will later open passive income and NFT opportunities for you. Also, don’t forget that our supply is limited!

Do you have any other questions?