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Fear & Greed Index

Buy fear, and sell greed. This is how it works in the financial markets. When everyone panics while selling, it often offers buying opportunities for the more lucid.

  Hyperion Tier 0

Google Trend

Google search data gives simple clues about the psychological trend in the market. The more Bitcoin is searched per day, the stronger the current interest.

  Hyperion Tier 0

Twitter Followers

The evolution of the number of followers on the Twitter account of the various crypto projects makes it possible to measure the strength of a community

  Hyperion Tier 1

Social Dominance

Dominance gives the proportion of mentions of a crypto on social networks, compared to a pool of several most discussed projects.

  Hyperion Tier 2

Social Volume

The volume displays the number of mentions of the crypto on a panel of social media channels. A high social volume can indicate the hype of a project.

  Hyperion Tier 3

Social Networks Sentiment

This section provides the proportion of positive and negative feelings about crypto projects. Those data are very useful to properly monitor your favorite cryptos.

  Hyperion Tier 4

Funding Rates

Funding rates are periodic payments to long or short traders based on the difference between the perpetual contract market and the spot price.

  Hyperion Tier 2

Open Interest

This shows the number of futures contracts held by market participants at the end of the trading day. It can be used to determine professional market sentiment.

  Hyperion Tier 3

Sentiment Diagram

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Beyond the technical aspects, financial markets are often governed by the feelings of its actors.

Often the market tends to go against general sentiment, its goal being to hurt as many people as possible.

Some assets experience over-enthusiasm and overconfidence from their investors. And it's important to note that these feelings don't always reflect the fundamentals of a project, but can significantly affect the price.

Market sentiment analysis is a kind of research that uses this type of information to try to predict price movements.

Types of Sentiment Analysis

There are several types of sentiment indicators, which could be split as follows.

Infatuation Indicators

With these indicators we can estimate the hype of the moment concerning the cryptocurrency universe.

Emotional State

Human psychology is one of the things to absolutely watch out. Another key factor is the state of social media.

Mindset of Traders

See what professionals do, as well as the majority of traders, because the market is not there to let them win easily.

How does the market play with your emotion ?

Take here the example of the famous Dogecoin ($DOGE).

A random tweet

Elon Musk tweet about Dogecoin.

People FOMO in

Fear of missing out sentiment grips investors

Dogecoin to the Moon

Dogecoin price increases 40% in one hour

People get Rekt

The price drops suddenly by 45% in 15 minutes