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Our Pattern Detection System

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Support, Resistance, Trend Lines

The basis consists in being able to determine the supports and the resistances of an asset, by observing how the course reacts on certain price levels.

  Hyperion Tier 1

Trend Identification

It is essential to properly identify the market trend, because it is important to trade in the same direction. You can display the trend over multiple timeframe.

  Hyperion Tier 1

Candlestick Pattern Recognition

Candlesticks can give a potential indication of the direction of a price. These paterns can be obtained following the sequence of several candlesticks.

  Hyperion Tier 1

Accumulation Range

Invest in the best way in your favorite assets by targeting accumulation ranges. We can identify them, with their breakout and associated confirmations.

  Hyperion Tier 2

Crossing Signals

Be alerted of significant crossing of moving averages (Golden & Death Cross), between the various elements of Ichimoku, or when breakthroughs of pivot zones.

  Hyperion Tier 2

Fibonacci Levels

Whether it is to identify areas for buying, or for taking profits, Fibonacci levels are very helpful. We can automatically detect assets in the reload zone.

  Hyperion Tier 2

Trend Reversal Pattern

We must be aware to the trend reversal patterns. These can be powerful, and they have a statistically good success rate.

  Hyperion Tier 3

Chartism Pattern Breakout

Chartism is a method of financial analysis used to establish price forecasts. We are able to detect and report most of these patterns.

  Hyperion Tier 3

Trend Lines, Pullbacks, and Breakouts

The trend is essential in a market, because it is always better to trade in the same direction as it.

Our system can detect it, while identifying supports and resistances.
It will thus be possible to report, for example, pullbacks on support.

But also the breakout, possibly with the confirmation that this support then becomes resistance.

Candlestick Pattern Recognition

One Candle Patterns
  • Hammer & Inverted Hammer
  • Hanging Man
  • Shooting Star
  • Dragonfly Doji
  • Gravestone Doji
  • Bullish & Bearish Spinning Top
Two Candle Patterns
  • Engulfing
  • Kicker
  • Harami
  • Tweezer
  • Piercing Line
  • Dark Cloud Cover
Three+ Candle Patterns
  • Morning & Evening Star
  • Morning & Evening Doji Star
  • Abandoned Baby
  • Three White Soldiers
  • Three Black Crows
  • Three Line Strike

Fibonacci Levels

Our algorithms can automatically plot Fibonacci levels, and select optimal points.

The system can identify entry points, in Reload Zones or Golden Zones, and alert when an asset is in one of these configurations.

But it can also give Fibonacci extension points, in order to be able to place Take Profit.

The Fibonacci tool is essential in the financial markets.