Jordan Abdelkrim

Chief Operating Officer

As an engineer, I quickly turned to the sectors of technological innovation. Being passionate about project management and the development of an answer to a need, I am eager to get out of my comfort zone, learn and share with different teams.

Moreover, I have developed a taste for undertaking projects in which the human aspect and sharing are put forward. I’ve been very involved in the associative and event sector.

I had the opportunity to be guided in the world of blockchains by our CEO Antoine, who knew how to draw my attention to this futuristic environment, which nevertheless responds to a problem of today’s society: the decentralization and transparency of our actions applicable to many domains, all of which are in constant evolution.

Therefore, I took on the responsibility of managing the operational aspects, a cross-functional role of great importance for the progress of the development of Hyperion Vision.

Every day I discover new fundamentals that inspire me. Also, because of my skills in data analysis & big data, I explore with passion the various on-chain data and regularly venture into the world of NFT.

Hyperion Vision Team